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Maggie's Story

Maggie’s Story is an all new documentary short that follows one woman’s journey of learning about “helping” others have a child they desperately want, what she discovered in becoming an egg donor, and the consequences that followed. Maggie was told how special she was, but she was never informed of the risks egg donation posed to her own health and well being. She was used repeatedly for others’ gain, but when things turned bad, she was left on her own to navigate tests, treatments, surgeries, and an unknown prognosis.

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Worldwide Human Egg Laws

Worldwide Human Egg Laws by Comment on Reproductive Ethics


Study Guide

Think Again: A Study Guide on the Legal, Medical, and Ethical Questions of Third Party Reproduction is intended for a wide audience as we aim to meet the needs of high school groups, university students, law groups, church groups, and any other group interested in the issues of third party reproduction. Most importantly, the study guide is available for FREE in order to maximize distribution and use. You can download it here.

Fact Sheet

Here is a two-page fact sheet highlighting and providing references to medical and scientific literature on issues that arise in third-party reproduction. The information is divided into three sections that address (1) health and psychological risks to women serving as egg vendors or surrogates, (2) health and psychological risks to the children born via third party reproductive arrangements, and (3) serious problems associated with the commercialization of conception.

Legislative Packet

CBC Legislative Packet: Egg Donation (Click to Download)

Egg Donor Stories and Testimony


International News

India: 17-yr-old Egg Donor Dead: Not much is known about Sushma Pandey’s death, except that she was 17 years old, died suddenly and had visited a fertility clinic just two days earlier — at least the third time she was doing so in 18 months.
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Our Press Release in Response—Worldwide Eggsploitation: Egg Donation and Exploitation of Young Women Results in Death
Yet another wake up call to the truth of the real, repeat, and often lethal harms of invasive egg removal procedures, which masquerade under the lie of donation. These transactions are anything but "donations" as young females -- nearly children themselves -- all over the world, desperately fall prey to offers of money like those made to Ms. Pandey.
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Additional Resources

Accuracy in Media Eggsploitation Exposed

Daily Mail "The brutal fertility factories trading on British mothers' dreams"

Press Release: "Eggsploitation to Premiere on Capitol Hill"

Press Release: "New Documentary . . ."


Glossary of Terms

Summary of State Laws Regarding Egg Harvesting

What People Are Saying About Eggsploitation 


Special Feature


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